MBTA Communities Organizing & Education Program

2023 MBTA Communities Organizing & Education Program Launch

AHMA is pleased to announce the official launch of the MBTA Communities Organizing & Education Program. 

Through this program, AHMA will build the capacity of local organizers and organizations as they educate themselves and their neighbors, and ultimately build public support in their community, for local zoning bylaws that comply with the MBTA Communities law and create more affordable and equitable housing opportunities in their city or town.

Through this program, and in partnership with community advocates, AHMA will…

1.) Identify and grow a core group of pro-housing champions and/or partner with existing pro-housing organizations to lead the campaign.

2.) Build Public support for the MBTA Communities Law using primarily grassroots organizing tactics such as digital organizing, canvassing and public educational events as well as strategic marketing and communications via earned media, PR and social media- all with the goal of we informing and enlightening stakeholders and residents about the racial, economic, and sustainable benefits of adopting zoning for multi-family housing around transit.

3.) Working with stakeholders in each community to ensure the town adopts a strong zoning bylaw in full compliance with the intentions of MBTA Communities law and guidelines.

Advocates who would be interested in working directly with AHMA’s organizing team to launch an organizing campaign, as outlined above, in their MBTA city/town should fill out this form. 

Upon receiving the form, a member of the AHMA team will follow up with you to assess best fit.