Membership Committee Sign Up

Abundant Housing MA gives members the opportunity to participate in standing organizational committees which help guide the structure of our organization and network. If you are interested in serving on a committee, please complete the form below. A staff member will be in touch with you to follow up.

AHMA maintains the following committees at this time:

Research & Policy
this committee supports AHMA in compiling data/research and scholarship that supports statewide advocacy efforts which can include authoring explainer documents/accessible policy briefs and more.
The committee supports the work of Abundant Housing MA by coordinating outside communications, including social media, newsletters and written content for member organizations. The committee is responsible for guiding the overall communications strategy of AHMA.
Boston Committee
This committee serves as a clearing house for advocacy efforts within the City of Boston. Since Boston has its own enabling act, zoning and land use advocacy related to Boston requires a tailored approach. 
Start a Pro-Housing Group in Your Community
In addition to the standing membership committees, AHMA staff and board members will work with members to launch a pro-housing organization in your own neighborhood or community if one does not already exist!
Programming & Events Committee
this committee supports AHMA in implementing our theory of action into events, programming and engagement opportunities.

Membership Committee Application

I am interested in joining the following committee(s):(Required)

Please briefly described why you are interested in joining the committee(s) you selected above, as well as any skills or experience you have that are relevant to the committee's work. How does this committee's work align with your personal mission? If interested in launching a pro-housing group in your community, let us know if you'd be doing so under the auspices of an existing organization (i.e., local housing or anti-racism group) or if you'd be starting from square one.