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In support of HB1448/SB871: The Big Toolbox MA Needs to Build More Homes

Massachusetts currently faces a housing shortage of more than 200,000 homes and our low-income communities are facing the brunt of this shortage. As a result, our communities continue to be increasingly segregated by race and class and affordable options are constrained. In order to meet the demand for housing and create a more equitable housing market for our growing population, our communities need the right tools — and a lot of them!

The bill, HB1448/SB871 – “An Act Relative to Housing Production,” is a comprehensive reform bill packed with the tools Massachusetts needs to increase the production of all types of housing in all corners of the Commonwealth, including:

The purpose of this petition is to tell the MA state legislature to pass HB1448 / SB871!

This past year MA made some progress with the Housing Choice bill and the MBTA Communities Multifamily Zoning Law but we need to sustain and build on this progress. We can’t build a home with just two tools. We need more.

Together we can make Massachusetts for Everyone!