Our Mission

We stand up for abundant housing for all in communities across Massachusetts. We drive policy at the state and local level by identifying pro-housing changemakers, building the power of local organizers, and connecting a statewide network.

Our Vision

We want to create, sustain, and enhance…

  • Abundant housing for all
  • A housing market that lets people move when they want, where they want, not when they have to
  • Communities with racially and economically diverse residents
  • Development patterns that facilitate low/no-carbon lifestyles
  • Education on effective organizing tools to address our history of racial segregation

The Problem

Massachusetts has a severe housing shortage. We aren’t building enough homes to keep pace with demand, especially near jobs and transit. What’s more, 50 years after the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act, much of what we have is still largely segregated by income and race.

Our Solution

We are advocates for:

  • More housing near transit and jobs
  • Robust tenant protections to prevent displacement
  • Reform of exclusionary zoning rules
  • Sustainable development practices and communities
  • Robust funding of social and subsidized housing

Our Actions

We will:

  • Convene pro-housing groups around the state to help shape their messages and become more effective
  • Nurture diversity within grassroots pro-housing groups
  • Coordinate support for statewide and local legislative and regulatory initiatives

Our Members

Boston Artist Impact

Dorchester Growing Together

Equitable Arlington

And hundreds of individual pro-housing activists like you, fighting for welcoming communities across our Commonwealth.

Our Staff

Headshot of Jesse Kanson-Benanav

Jesse Kanson-Benanav, Executive Director

  • Grew Up: Saint Paul, MN
  • Currently: Jamaica Plain, Boston
Headshot of Kassie Infante

Kassie Infante, Statewide Organizer

  • Grew Up: Lawrence, MA
  • Currently: Haverhilll, MA

Our Board

Andrea Aldana

  • Grew Up: Miami Beach, FL
  • Currently: Eastham, MA
  • Employer: Community Development Partnership (Cape Cod)
Headshot of Burhan Azeem

Burhan Azeem, Treasurer

  • Grew Up: Staten Island, NY
  • Currently: Cambridge, MA
  • Employer: daytoday Health
Headshot of Jonathan Berk

Jonathan Berk

  • Grew Up: Swampscott, MA
  • Currently: South End, Boston
  • Employer: Patronicity

Manikka Bowman

  • Grew Up: Lake Charles, LA
  • Currently: Cambridge, MA
  • Employer: Rebuilding Together Boston

Molly Goodman, Board Clerk

  • Grew Up: Jamaica Plain, Boston
  • Currently: Jamaica Plain, Boston
  • Employer: Midas Collaborative
Headshot of Beyazmin Jimenez

Beyazmin Jimenez, President

  • Grew Up: Lawrence, MA
  • Currently: Jamaica Plain, Boston
  • Employer: The Lazu Group
Headshot of Jarred Johnson

Jarred Johnson

  • Grew Up: Oklahoma City, OK
  • Currently: Somerville, MA
  • Employer: TransitMatters
Headshot of Jacob Oppenheim

Jacob Oppenheim

  • Grew Up: Annandale, VA
  • Currently: South End, Boston
  • Employer: EQRx