Join Abundant Housing MA

At AHMA, our members are our donors.

Abundant Housing MA believes that Massachusetts is for everyone! Every Massachusetts community should be open and welcoming to all households, regardless of race, income, age, or ability. We’re working to ensure that the housing market in Massachusetts allows people to move where they want, when they want, not when they have to.

If you agree with our vision, we invite you to join as an AHMA member to help make this vision a reality across Massachusetts.

We depend on our members to provide us the financial stability we need to support pro-housing efforst throughout the state. In return, we offer our members the tools to become more effective in their local advocacy, a community for collaboration and connection, and easy ways to plug into statewide legislative efforts. Our goal is to empower you to be the most effective advocate you can be!

There are two ways to join:

As a grass-roots affiliate organization.
Help build our state-wide coalition and connect to other local, pro-housing groups around the state. If you are currently leading a grass-roots, pro-housing group in your city or town, click here to view the list of the current membership benefits for affiliate organizations and complete the membership form!

As an individual, business, or nonprofit.
Are you a pro-housing advocate looking for a way to get more involved? An individual who is unable to live where you want when you want? Is your business or company ready to support the pro-housing policies that will attract employees to the state? Does your nonprofit want to join our coalition? Our general membership is for everyone because everyone is affected by the housing crisis. Click here to view the list of membership benefits and complete the general membership form!